No. 12
A small sugar industry train rushing through the sugar cane fields was a distinctive Taiwanese scene during the Japanese Colonial Period.

Taste One Granule of Sugar Never Forget the Sweet Taste

For this reason‚ in the Sugar Industry Hall at Grand Sight of Formosa Exhibition in 1935‚ the sign “The sugar industry is the mother of Taiwanese culture” reflects the importance of the sugar industry

Wild Land Flowers and Butterflies

In campuses‚ parks or wherever there is Pilose Beggartick and Oriental Hawksbeard growing there’s a good chance that the Indian Cabbage White (Pieris canidia) butterfly will be seen

The Indian Cabbage White

Interdependent Ecological Balance—Small World of Endless Life

If the relationships between the organisms in an ecosystem achieves a stable balance the ecosystem can continue far into the future

Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis)

Taiwan’s Endemic Species

On Taiwan‚ an island separated from the rest of the world‚ there are many species that do not live anywhere else in the world; these species are called endemic species.

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